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Rome, the Society and the Resistance

Due to accusations that have reached us that the Resistance's break with the Society had no doctrinal basis, but that it occurred out of sheer disobedience or for personal reasons, we are publishing and republishing new and old texts giving the foundations of our position, which boils down to maintaining the same stance as Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop Castro Mayer in this crisis in the Church, refusing any practical agreement with the Roman authorities before they return to professing the integrity of the Catholic Faith, condemning the errors of modernism, liberalism and all the others condemned by the popes up to Pius XII.


by Arsenius

Since the officialization of humanism by the conciliar fathers of Vatican II, the popes and their advisors have only advanced on a plane strongly inclined towards the abyss, with the proper characteristic of the fall: the continuous acceleration as the fall precipitates. This picture is in no way conducive to giving us the slightest hope of a glimmer of desire on the part of any of them to help Tradition (understood as simply the Holy Church) in any way. Despite this, there were those who not only had this hope, but a strange certainty that things were improving (?) in Rome with regard to Tradition (in the sense, now, of a group that wants to enter into a reprehensible "unity in diversity"). And this was the cause of the enigmatic (for many) split between the Priestly Society of St. Pius X and the so-called Resistance.

The year 2012 was definitive for the watershed: the Society's General Chapter changed the resolution of the 2006 General Chapter: previously, the Society had committed itself to not making an agreement with Rome until Catholic truth had triumphed there. Now, practical agreement is desired, without this truth having returned to the minds of the Pope and his advisors. Bishop Williamson was forbidden to attend the Chapter. He is then expelled from the Society.

The following years saw an increasingly marked rapprochement between Rome and the Society: gradually, Rome made marriages, priestly ordinations and confessions administered by the Society "legitimate". Could this be the realization of the famous phrase "Rome gives everything and asks for nothing"? Which would then be a reality and not an illusion? We could answer that this was just a way of making the Society act, from then on, more and more, only with the approval of modernist Rome, no longer basing its activity on the state of general and grave need, since this would have lost its reality from the moment that Tradition would have been "made official" by Rome, which, however, would be waiting for the day when it would "pull the rug out from under it", putting the Society in a perplexity in which it had placed itself. But perhaps the recent announcement that the Society will consecrate one or more bishops without Rome's permission is a sign that everything will return to the way it was before 2012. Unfortunately, this seems almost impossible. A return to the same combative spirit of Archbishop Lefebvre against the enemies of the Church in Rome seems to us to be a mostly lost legacy within the Society. The future seems bleak to us, even though God will not cease to act in many souls through the actions of Society members. However, this does not prevent us from noting that the Society should correct several of its principles of action.

One thing is certain: the more scandals there are in the current pontificate, the greater the possibility that the illusions of rapprochement with present-day Rome will fade.

May Our Lady make us understand well and love deeply the Church of all centuries, which does not identify with this caricature constructed at the Second Vatican Council and its subsequent application through the pontificates that followed it.

January 3rd, 2024

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