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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy




These Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (hereinafter "Terms") are based on and scope to regulate the access and use of the "Site" made available and maintained by Mosteiro da Santa Cruz, a non-profit legal entity registered in the CNPJ/MF No. 30.177.471/0001-30, headquartered at Aven. Alcino Cunha Ferraz, Km 03, Janela das Andorinhas/Riograndina, Nova Friburgo/RJ, CEP: 28634438 (“MOSTEIRO” or “MOSTEIRO DA SANTA CRUZ”) and its affiliates. Item, the terms listed here agree with the General Data Protection Law established by Law No. 13.709, of August 14, 2018 (hereinafter referred to as the LGPD) and its modifications up to the present date of this document and/or its updates.


1. Accept the Terms


The acceptance of these Terms by the User is essential for accessing and using the Site's features, which must be manifested by selecting the checkbox corresponding to the "ACCEPT" option when registering, for access, donation and subsequent interaction in actions organized by Mosteiro da Santa Cruz, an opportunity in which the user will demonstrate their free, express and informed consent, without any reservations, with respect to the content of these Terms, in accordance with the LGPD. Through the Site, Mr./Mrs. (hereinafter “User”) will have access to information and content related to the actions of the Monastery of Santa Cruz, and may make donations to the Monastery, after registration. The User understands that, by registering on the Santa Cruz Monastery website and accepting these Terms, he/she declares himself able to use the content made available, as well as to make donations, and that, on his own initiative, he accepts and is responsible for the information sent. to the Site.


2. Site Access and Availability


To make use of all the features of the Mosteiro da Santa Cruz Website, especially regarding the possibility of making donations, it is necessary for the User to register and submit mandatory registration data, such as, but not limited to: full name, e-mail, phone/cell number, among other information requested at the time of registration. The User, when registering on the Site, acknowledges that he is over 18 (eighteen) years of age and that he is civilly capable, under the terms of Brazilian law. MOSTEIRO reserves the right to include, exclude or change any aspect and/or content of its Site, and may temporarily suspend or cancel it, at its sole discretion and at any time, regardless of prior notice to the User. Likewise, you may modify these Terms, whose most recent versions will always be available for consultation on the Site. MONASTERY reserves the right, without prior notice, to cancel and/or block the User's access, at any time, if it is found that the User has committed any act or conduct that: i) violates federal, state and /or municipal; ii) contravenes the rules of these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy; and/or iii) violates the principles of morals and good customs.


3. Rules for the Use of the Website Services of Mosteiro da Santa Cruz


By accepting these Terms, the User declares: i) To be aware that they are solely and exclusively responsible for the information provided, when accessing the Site, signing up for promotional actions and making donations to Mosteiro da Santa Cruz , being liable, including to third parties, for damages or losses arising from incorrect, incomplete or untrue information entered on the Site; ii) Recognize that, on its own initiative, it accepts and is responsible for the information sent to the Mosteiro da Santa Cruz Website, responding for any claim that may be presented to the MONASTERY, judicially or extrajudicially, in relation to any rights involving the forwarded content, or for moral and/or material damages caused to the MONASTERY or third parties, by virtue of this authorization; iii) Recognize that the Website of Mosteiro da Santa Cruz must not be used for any illegal purposes; iv) Be aware that no content or material capable of incorporating harmful elements into the Monastery of Santa Cruz Website may be inserted, by any means and forms, capable of preventing the normal functioning of the website, as well as harming the Monastery's computer systems Santa Cruz or third parties, or damage documents and/or electronic files stored therein.


4. Data Collection, Processing and Storage


When registering for the use of all the Site's functionalities is carried out, MONASTERY will collect and store the information actively entered by the User on the Site, as well as other automatically generated information, such as the characteristics of the access device, browser, Internet Protocol (IP, with date and time), information requested, screens accessed, geolocation data, among others, especially through the use of basic cookies in the browser. The MOSTEIRO may also send correspondence, e-mails, messages via SMS and/or through any applications or social networks, with slips and requests for spontaneous donations for the works of MOSTEIRO DA SANTA CRUZ and its affiliates, with the full User freedom to make these donations or not, through the payment of voluntary bank slips, bank deposits, account debits or other means to be agreed. MONASTERY may also collect your bank details and/or information regarding credit cards, for the processing of the donation(s) made by the User, in the modality selected at the time of registration. All data collected through the MOSTEIRO DA SANTA CRUZ website are considered confidential by MOSTEIRO, which undertakes to adopt adequate security measures and provide appropriate treatment and storage of the data in question. Furthermore, the User acknowledges that the MONASTERY may share the collected data with third parties, in the following cases: i) To protect the interests of the Monastery of Santa Cruz, in any kind of conflict, including legal demands, or ii) By court order or by request administrative authorities that have legal competence for its application. Furthermore, the User acknowledges that the data collected by MONASTERY through the Site will be stored by it on its own servers or by companies contracted for this purpose, and all reasonable market efforts will be used to ensure the security of these systems in the custody of their information. , among them those that meet the guidelines on safety standards established in Brazilian legislation. In addition, MONASTERY may collect and store information about the general use of the Site, in order to know the frequency of use, number of visits, among others, through Cookies, which are small data storage files, which are not included. personal information, unless you have provided it, and that does not collect information registered on your computer, considering the MONASTERY to use one or more pages of the website with the express authorization of the user in the use of cookies on the Website in your browser as tacit or manifest authorization to use the data listed in this chapter. Finally, the User may, at any time and at its discretion, request the correction and/or deletion of its data collected by the Mosteiro da Santa Cruz Website, with the exception of the data that must remain stored by the MOSTEIRO as a result of legal obligations, such as, but not limited to, access logs, and they must inform the Santa Cruz Monastery of their intention by e-mail The MOSTEIRO undertakes to make every effort to meet the requests in the minor possible time span. Furthermore, the User acknowledges that, even in the event of a request for data deletion, the MOSTEIRO will respect the minimum period for storing information determined by Brazilian legislation. No "sensitive personal data" under the LGPD is collected, stored or shared on the Mosteiro da Santa Cruz website.


5. Intellectual Property


Each of the texts, images, photographs, projects, data, plans, images, videos, illustrations, icons, technologies, links and other audiovisual or sound content, including graphic designs and source codes for the Mosteiro da Santa Cruz Website, are from exclusive property of the Monastery of Santa Cruz or of third parties who have assigned or licensed their respective materials to the MONASTERY, being protected by Laws and international treaties, their copying, reproduction or any other type of use prohibited, violators being subject to civil and criminal sanctions correspondents, pursuant to Laws 9,279/96, 9,609/98 and 9,610/98. The brands, commercial names or logos of any kind presented through the MOSTEIRO Website are owned by the Mosteiro da Santa Cruz or by the third party that allowed their use, so that the mere access or login to the website does not matter authorization for that the User can quote such brands, trade names and logos.


6. Disclaimers


Without prejudice to the other disclaimers indicated in these Terms, the User declares to be aware that the MONASTERY will not be responsible: i) For any unavailability, errors and/or failures that may be presented by the MONASTERY Website, including any defrauding of the utility that the User may attribute to the website, due to its fallibility or any access difficulty faced by the User; ii) For any errors and/or inconsistencies in the transmission of data, as well as related to the quality or availability of the Internet connection, capable of preventing the proper receipt of information by the MONASTERY or by the User; iii) For outdated, incomplete and/or untrue data that may be presented through the MOSTEIRO DA SANTA CRUZ website; iv) By using the MOSTEIRO DA SANTA CRUZ Website in disagreement with the provisions of these Terms; v) For damages of any nature arising from the knowledge that unauthorized third parties may have of any data provided, through the MOSTEIRO DA SANTA CRUZ website, as a result of a failure exclusively related to the User or third parties who escape any reasonable control of the MONASTERY.


7. Duration and Termination of Access


The MOSTEIRO website is available to the User for an indefinite period. However, the MONASTERY may, at any time, discontinue it, without the need for prior notice to the User and without any compensation being due for this reason. MONASTERY may also limit the User's access to its Site, being able to deny or suspend it, in case of suspicion of misuse or illegal use, which may motivate the deletion of all information provided by this , without any indemnity or compensation thereon.


8. General Provisions


All communications by the User to the MONASTERY will be considered valid when made by telephone (22) 2540-1136, during business hours, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday, or via email: service On the other hand, all communications sent by MOSTEIRO will be considered valid when made by any of the contact information provided by the User on the Mosteiro da Santa Cruz Website, including, but not limited to, email, telephone, letters, social networks , apps and any others. The User should be aware, however, that malicious third parties may forward emails requesting the provision of information through the same means, or payment of bank slips of a different nature than the registration made on the Website of Mosteiro da Santa Cruz, among other frauds. If this occurs, the User must always pay attention to the sender's data and promptly inform the MONASTERY. Any clause or condition of these Terms that, for any reason, may be considered null or ineffective by any Court or Court, will not affect the validity of the other provisions of these Terms, which will remain fully valid and binding, generating effects to their maximum extent. The MONASTERY's failure to enforce any rights or provisions of these Terms will not constitute a waiver, and the MONASTERY may regularly exercise its right, within the legal deadlines. These Terms may be amended at any time, provided that there is no legal prohibition in this regard, and the new version of this document will come into force on the day of publication on the Website of Mosteiro da Santa Cruz. The user will only be notified of the amendment to the Terms if there is a legal obligation to do so. Thus, it is recommended that the User periodically check the content of these Terms, which are always available on the Site, making sure that they have analyzed their most up-to-date version, based on the date indicated at the end of the document.


9. Legislation and Jurisdiction


This legal relationship is governed exclusively by Brazilian Law, including any actions arising from violation of its terms and conditions. The Forum of the city of Nova Friburgo - RJ is elected to resolve any doubts, questions or disputes arising from these Terms, the parties waiving any other, however privileged it may be.


Last update: 04.16.2021

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