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Our works

Throughout its history, Mosteiro da Santa Cruz has always developed its own works for the subsistence of its religious house, but it has also helped many other projects of its faithful with the direct encouragement of the monastery through its network of friends, expertise of its members and encouraging the emergence of initiatives that converged with the main objective of the existence of the cloister itself: all works aimed at the greater glory of God.

In this way, when describing a brief history of some of them, we can divide them into two segments: the internal work of the Monastery and initiatives by its faithful that begin to maintain the Benedictine spirit in the secular world. What is common to both modalities is that they were only possible thanks to the generosity and trust of our donors, who believe in the reliability of our Monastery and in the seriousness of their physical work and, above all, their spiritual work, which seeks to honor God in the midst of a society that does exactly the opposite.

Our monastic works

For more than thirty years of existence, we have kept with great zeal the record of the activities that were developed by our monks, in slow and patient works, which aimed to guarantee food for the cloister, the construction and growth of the monastery and the artisanal production of objects of sacred value. Although part of these works ceased with the natural transit of religious or were paused in favor of others of greater importance to the institution's present, even so, as much as in the beginning, our labors are still alive, silent and intense, witnessing the daily donation to the cause of Our Lord Jesus Christ who is the life of the monk.

Exterior projects we support

Speaking of great works, our monastery has already developed or supported countless, by the grace of God. In the same way and with the same care, we also support in the community around the Monastery of Santa Cruz many other small independent works that have already gone down in history or continue their existence today following the ideals of São Bento.

Below we highlight some of them:

Santa Cruz Bookstore

Triregnum Publisher

Café Monte Cassino

Lily in Flower Studio

Handmade wax candle factory

Agroindustrial Production of Avocados

Production of vegetables (variety of persimmons)


Idleness is the enemy of the soul; therefore, the brothers must be busy at certain times in manual work and at other times in reading the divine things.”

(Rule - Chap. 48)

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