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We need your help

The time has come to build a new church for our Monastery, meeting the growing number of faithful and the permanent needs of our religious house.

We count on your generosity so that we can begin this work of charity, which aims at the greater glory of God.

Photo: photographic record from the large rock that borders the Monastery of SantaCross in the 1990s.

Your donation spreads the Catholic Faith

Your continued generosity helps us to send our priests all over Brazil.

Donate and support the missions of our monastery.

The Holy Cross Monastery is a Benedictine religious community that maintains the letter of the Holy Rule and the internal customs as bequeathed to us by the millenary history of the Order of Saint Benedict. We pray and work above all to honour God, following the monastic spirit "that in all things God may be glorified", "Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus".

Bishop Marcel Lefebvre's consecration

D. Marcel Lefebvre and his foundation

For every time of crisis, God raises up valiant defenders for his Church. Faced with the Second Vatican Council, licitly called World War III by so many thinkers, the courage of some bishops to denounce errors and keep intact the Sacred Deposit of Faith must be considered essential so that the Mass of Always can have its continuity.

One of these valiant bishops was Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

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